Outlets & Switches

Well-functioning electrical switches and outlets are an essential part of any home. Thaw Electric’s team of professionals is continuously trained on the latest industry-leading technology, techniques and equipment to ensure your home and your home’s electrical systems are as safe, innovative and high performing as possible.


When Is It Time For An Outlet/Switch Upgrade?

Chances are if yours is an older home and it’s been awhile since an electrician has inspected your wiring, the switches and outlets more than likely require an upgrade. However, it’s not merely the age of your home’s electrical system that matters, it’s how that system was originally installed and relays electricity today that also counts.

A switch/outlet upgrade is an immediate necessity if you have:

  • Builders grade outlets
  • Two-prong outlets
  • Old wiring connected via “backstabbing”

Our fully-licensed master electricians can improve the safety and performance of your switch and outlets by ensuring the connectivity of the circuit no longer relies on running through the device or appliance being used.