Lighting Upgrades

At Thaw’s Electric, we are full-service, residential lighting designers and installers committed to creativity, innovation and safety in both interior and exterior household illumination.

Our trained and fully-certified team of professional electricians partner with coastal homeowners to provide top-tier customer service and create some of the brightest, most beautifully lit homes you’ll find. We manage all aspects of lighting installations from mapping out design plans and color to calculating dimensions, scale and texture for optimal comfort, aesthetics and safety. Some of our upgrades include:

  • Artwork Accents
  • Book Shelves
  • Overhead Cabinet Lighting
  • Cove Space
  • Nooks
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Lighting

Exterior and Interior Illumination

At Thaw’s Electric, we like to stay on the cutting edge of lighting technology. That’s why we can now install occupancy sensors anywhere in your home that turn on when motion is detected and off when the specific room, driveway, or yard is empty. Occupancy sensors increase energy efficiency, save money and make your home a more dynamic, secure environment.